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We Are Bengal

Premier independent custom contract converting, warehousing, logistics and cross-docking company in the northeast.

Time and Industry Tested

We have proven our capability to serve nearly any need to custom convert paper, paperboard, plastic, PVC, film and woven and nonwoven materials, while delivering lightning-quick turnarounds. It is why firms from Fortune 500s to niche start-ups always turn to Bengal first.

Warehousing, Cross-docking, 3PL

In addition to premier custom contract converting and paper converting, The Bengal Group is your complete solution. Take advantage of our massive indoor warehouse, cross-docking capabilities, in-house distribution and fulfillment services to save time and money.

"Bengal is the only company we trust to manage our custom contract sheeting, warehousing and distribution needs. Their workmanship and ability to meet our scheduling demands exceeds even our own expectations. "

– One of the largest folding carton plants in the U.S.

"We utilize Bengal exclusively for our converting, rewinding and slitting needs. They consistently exceed our expectations. Bengal’s outstanding performance translates to our own ability to offer faster service and increased production capacity to our customers, freeing us from logistical worries that get in the way of innovation."

- A Fortune 500 producer of nonwoven materials used across the globe

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Our team is ready to work on your project.

One of the largest paper and paperboard manufacturers in the world

Bengal handles all of our custom contract rewinding in the northeast. Enough cannot be said about their high quality, precision and ultimate attention to detail.

One of the largest paper and paperboard manufacturers in the world,
One of the nation’s leading suppliers of pharmaceutical grade packaging

Bengal handles 100% of our converting needs for all of our pharmaceutical packaging grades. They are fiercely committed to seeing every project is completed on time. One of the reasons we continue to work with them is because of their extremely high quality service. In fact, we recently signed a new multi-year contract while in the middle of our current agreement.

One of the nation’s leading suppliers of pharmaceutical grade packaging,
One of the world’s largest container board manufacturers

Our company just signed a new, three-year contract with Bengal. Their unparalleled turnaround times and exceptional reliability made it an easy decision.

One of the world’s largest container board manufacturers,

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