Warehousing and Distribution

Bengal's warehousing service is ready to meet your needs 24/7/365. With 225,000 square feet of capacity, customers utilize our space to store a wide range of products. There is little we cannot keep ready for your distribution demands.


Improve your bottom line while having your products delivered when and where you need them by utilizing Bengal's cross-docking services. The efficiency of on-site rail combined with 16 loading docks accommodate all needs and reduces supply chain costs. Whether by rail or road, our skilled team will load and unload your containers and trailers with the utmost care. Our electronic inventory management system means we will be ready for your next move as soon as you are.

Third-party Logistics

Our fully integrated logistics solutions–and strategic location to the ports of Philadelphia, Newark and Baltimore–make smooth operations easy. That is why so many customers choose Bengal to manage their distribution and fulfillment needs. We streamline supply chains, shorten lead times and enhance performance, all while reducing costs.

Information Technology

The Bengal Group continues to invest in leading-edge technology to deliver on-demand, reliable data. All Bengal customers have access to our comprehensive Warehousing and Inventory Management System. Leverage this service and you'll capitalize on the benefits of a standardized reporting platform that significantly reduces infrastructure costs.